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Just as yin and yang are parts of a oneness that is equated with the Tao (“the way”) or life force CHI, your combined online and onland presence are the way, and/or the life force of your marketing plan, branding and business culture.

In today’s world, these two pieces of your marketing plan cannot exist without the other. Sometimes one will be more important than the other and vice versa just as yin and yang are in constant motion, but together they complete the whole. The energies of yin and yang are the energies of your online and onland presence, properly balanced to represent your organization across all media, yet in constant motion adapting to your marketing needs.

View some of our latest work:


The starting point of your online marketing, and key to your online brand and messaging…


Stay top of mind with your clients and prospects, the look and feel should be consistent with your colors and brand…


The physical representation of your brand and a major stepping stone to business success…


Carry your brand across your OnLine and On Land marketing materials for a clear and consistent presence…


Important tools for business promotion, biz cards, brochures, sales sheets, signage and more


Kathie Jankauskas is a fine artist as well… these representations of some of her work speak for themselves…

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Kathie Jankauskas is one of the best designers I have ever worked with in my more than 30 years as a marketing professional. She is not only extremely talented, but knows how to get to the heart of the matter quickly and accurately. Kathie is passionate about what she does for her clients. She is a wealth of knowledge in branding, web sites and graphic design, and she understands the marketing side of the equation to bring it all together to work for the client. She asks questions that help her understand exactly what the goal of each project is, and then does what’s needed in order to bring each project in on-time and on-budget. Cathy Windland

Inner Spa

I love working with Kathie on web development projects, we are a good team. She is one of the most talented graphic designers I have had the pleasure to work with and there is a mutual respect for the SEO & copy I write. With an experienced eye, she can visualize user experience, visitor flow, conversion paths before crafting page layout and wireframes for a new website. The client is always pleased with outcomes and when asked for alterations, she handles these new directions with utmost professionalism. From basic WordPress blogs to in-depth, highly technical websites, I recommend Kathie as your next website designer with confidence you will be pleased as well. Tom Gilmour

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