About KJanStudio

Left Brained

Graphic Artist and Geek

Kathie Jankauskas is a professional website designer/developer, a graphic designer and a fine artist. She excels in all of these roles. She has an artist’s eye, a designer’s touch and she knows exactly which designs will work well on a website because she also writes the code. She started her professional career as a structural engineer so you can be confident that her work meets the mark.

Collaborator and Problem Solver

In addition, she knows how to collaborate with you, the client, to achieve the best possible branding and logo design for your business, both online and on land. She listens and interprets your goals and objectives into that all important tangible brand, achieving a look and feel that works well on your website or in your collaterals. She creates meaningful and memorable design solutions that represent your image and brand.

Zodiak Solopreneur

Like a Zodiac compared to the Queen Mary, Kathie responds quickly when you need anything from KJanStudio. She is a boutique provider by design. There is no waiting for your project to begin due to staffing and workload issues or spending time in queue until your tech support request can be responded to. Available by cell phone and email always and an early riser who can often be found designing before dawn, Kathie and KJanStudio can be counted on when you need them.

And now that she has a beautiful view of the lake outside her home office in Yardley, PA, she inspires her creativity just by walking over to the window and gazing out.

KJan’s Creative Process

1. Collaboration and Exploration: KJanStudio learns about you, your vision, and your business objectives during an exploratory conversation before any designing starts. Your collaboration with KJan is the beginning of the design process.

Identifying some of your competitors and your thoughts about color or content and key wording help KJanStudio to determine how to best visually reach your target market or audience.

2. Incorporation and Creation: When you are asked for background information about your company, your mission and organizational goals, the incorporation of that information is used to create your unique brand, website, and/or marketing collaterals such as brochures, product sheets, giveaway items and more.

3. Production and Inspiration: When the designing and creating are over, KJanStudio takes care of the nitty gritty as well, getting your biz cards and brochure printed and delivered; coding your website, and moving it to your server. Need help acquiring your domain name and setting up your hosting account? We can help with that too.

With your new marketing collaterals, website and digital advertising online, you and your team will be inspired and motivated to use these new tools to successfully promote your business. Your prospective clients and customers will see the professionalism of your marketing and be more influenced to contact you.

Download KJan’s questionaires to get you thinking…


As part of the creative process, KJanStudio likes to recieve your text content at the start of the project. Why? Whether KJan is designing your website, online marketing, or traditional print marketing collaterals, the written words are actually an integral part of the design. A block of text needs to align horizontally and vertically as part of the graphic look. Some parts of the content may be emphasized, bringing attention to important pieces of information.

Easy to read, the text becomes an important element in the overall design. And the look and feel of the design is the secret sauce that makes your message become its most powerful.

Have something in mind? or not?

Let’s talk it out. Contact me and we’ll set up a time to chat!

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