OnLAND Services

Logos, business cards, brochures, sell sheets, banners, posters, invitations… if it can be printed we can design it! 

Our graphic design studio helps you determine the best ways to connect with your audience and executes the projects, creating your unique look for your promotional pieces.

Every client is different, no project the same. What is the same?

Every design, whether a logo, brochure, or sell sheet, is a creative problem solving process.


Your Identity… A logo and much more…

Brand Is Important

Branding is much more than your logo, it is about how you deliver your product or service – setting an expectation of what it’s like to do business with you – and then delivering on that expectation.

If your business is new and you need to define your brand, KJanStudio will collaborate with you to create a custom logo design based on your philosophy, business strategy and goals.

If you have already been in business for some time and need a fresh look for your logo, logo designer KJan will create a new one that jives with your vision and your business objectives.

Your logo is the physical representation of your brand – crafted by KJanStudio with a look and feel that represent you and your business. KJan makes you and your business memorable and recognizable… then it’s up to you to deliver on your customer’s or client’s expectations!

Brochure Design Services and much more…

KJan Studio’s print collateral creates a relationship, an unmistakable connection of color and look between all of your printed marketing materials. Some examples of print collateral are listed below but if you don’t see something, just ask:

Brochures | Sales sheets | Business cards | Postcards | Posters | Banners | Signage

When KJanStudio is your design partner, your messages will be consistent across all Online and On Land marketing campaigns. Your website, social media and online advertising will make the connection with your traditional print marketing materials. Your prospective clients and customers will see again and again how you can fill their needs with KJan’s professionally designed and branded print collateral. Communicate to your prospects that you understand their needs and that you are a pro at what you do.

Contact us today to see what we can do for your next project!